The largest solar farm: Coremas


Nordic Power Partners (NPP) is a Joint Venture between European Energy A/S, the Danish Climate Investment Fund, and the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU). NPP develops, designs, constructs and operates wind and solar projects through the business model of European Energy, extended beyond its traditional geographical scope to emerging markets and developing countries by utilizing IFU’s experience in investments in those markets. Such markets include the likes of the Maldives, Brazil and certain countries in Africa.

Brazil is Latin America’s largest renewable energy market, generating nearly 76% of its electricity from renewable resources. These figures are dominated by wind and hydropower plants, while a mere 0.02% percent of Brazil’s total installed electricity generation comes from solar resources. However, the solar market is in a period of expansion as developers are rushing to take advantage of Brazil’s high level of insolation at a staggering 4.25 to 6.5 sun hours/day. 

NPP is in the process of constructing the Coremas Solar PV installation in the north-east region of Brazil, which is one of the first 5 utility scale PV projects in the country. Located 8km outside of the city of Coremas, the project has brought investment, jobs, and an alternative source of energy to one of the poorest regions, driving down the costs of electricity where it is needed. The site itself was once filled with bush-like terrain.

Comprised of 3 stages, the entire park will generate 93MWp when completed, with the first 3.5MWp inverter was grid connected in mid-June 2018. The project team expects to connect another inverter every 2-3 days, with the entire project on track to be energized in November 2018.


Video produced by our contractor WEG