About European Energy 


European Energy constructs wind and solar farms as well as large scale green energy storage. We are building solutions to climate change. 

Wind and solar power is already fully price competitive compared to coal, oil and gas. But we are working hard to make newly installed wind and solar farms price competitive with existing coal and gas generators, as we sincerely believe that it is the market, not the taxpayers, who holds the solution to climate change.  

European Energy is reaching the goals together with our customers, large corporations sourcing renewable energy and utilities looking to provide consumers with green power or district heating. We construct the parks in close cooperation with visionary institutional investors, i.e. pension funds, who are looking for low risk, long term investments contributing to a better future.

European Energy is currently developing and constructing parks in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Brazil and in Mexico. Please see our company presentation for more infomation on our current activities. 



1.2 GW

European Energy has installed and invested in more than 1200 MW wind and solar farms. 

1.7 bn €

The accumulated investment value of farms constructed by European Energy.

231,592 ton CO2

In 2018 European Energy saved the planet of 231,592 tCO2 emissions



European Energy was founded in 2004 by Knud Erik Andersen and Mikael Dystrup Pedersen.


European Energy has constructed wind and solar farms in 11 countries.


We have 110 employees in our Copenhagen based headquarter.



Business model

European Energy sells green power from our wind and solar farms to large corporations. We offer attractive investment opportunities for institutional investors, looking to invest in green long term, low risk energy assets.



We develop new wind and solar farms. When we develop farms we select the best site, we make environmental assessments and secure land and building permits.



European Energy secures bridge and long term project financing.



European Energy oversees every construction phase from groundworks to grid connection.


Sale of green power

European Energy sells green power. We will either enter into power purchase agreements with large corporations or participate in auctions. 



European Energy sells and hand over of wind and solar farms to long term investors.


 Asset management

European Energy protects returns for investors and partners by optimizing production output and costs.