EE GigaStorage


European Energy has developed an energy storage solution for district heating and cooling. We call it EE GigaStorage.

EE GigaStorage stores energy from wind turbines and solar panels, and surplus heating from waste incineration and industrial processes. Using large heat pumps, EE GigaStorage boosts and stores the energy in water ponds. The energy can be stored for an entire season and is released when the demand for district heating rises. 

The energy loss is never above 20 percent and the investment costs are low compared to other storage technologies. The final costs will depend on the site and local conditions but comes close to 500 Euro/MWh. That is why EE GigaStorage is able to offer district heating at competitive prices.

The following short film introduces EE GigaStorage. Please, follow the link below..

Interested in more information? Please contact Søren Hartz, project manager by phone: +45 23 70 83 13 or e-mail: