It is all about the projects

We have over 15 years of experience in the realisation of wind and solar farms across the globe. From the mature markets in Europe, to the emerging markets in places such as South America and Australia. We take a holistic approach to every project we do. Whether it be from the early planning and development stage, or if we step in with financing, constructions and operations: we can provide the services you need. 

Take a closer look at some of our past projects for more insight on who we are and what we do.  


The largest solar farm in Scandinavia: Vandel (2015)

Most citizens in Northern Europe agree that the sun is shining too little. Despite the number of rainy days, solar power is becoming an attractive business case in the Northern parts of Europe. 

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Offshore wind on land: Måde (2016)

The cost of offshore wind has been reduced by more than 50 percent during the last five years, and the offshore market is growing. European Energy is testing the technology.

More about our offshore turbines in Måde

Power purchase agreements: Nissan (2015)

Many corporations and  cities are aiming to source 100 percent renewable energy. We are proud that many of them have chosen to source green power from one of our parks.

More on the solar park we constructed for Nissan


The very first project: Mildenberg (2005)

European Energy's first project, Mildenberg near the German capital Berlin, reached commercial operation in 2005 and consists of 10 2MW turbines.  

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Going to Italy: Vitalba (2007)

European Energy made its debut into the Italian market in 2007 with the Vitalba Wind farm. We erected 7 850 KW turbines in a completely unfamiliar environment.  

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5 x Solar PV in Denmark (2018)

We participated in a auction in Germany, where the tender called for supply from German projects but also projects from other countries. We bid for and won the entire 50MWp supply.

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The largest wind farm: Rødby (2016)

In 2016, European Energy took on the most ambitious wind project to date in the Rødby Wind Park in Denmark. It was the largest wind park European Energy built that was wholly constructed at the one time, as opposed to in stages.

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The largest solar farm: Coremas (2018)

We are in the process of constructing the 93MW Coremas Solar PV installation in the north-east region of Brazil, which is one of the first 5 utility scale PV projects in the country. 

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Repowering: Lohkamp (2018)

New and more powerful turbines are replacing old turbines across the globe. European Energy repowered the German project, Lohkamp, and quadrupled the output.  

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Neighbour to a wind or solar project?

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