What is it like to work at European Energy?

We have high expectations for the employees we hire. As an European Energy employee, you can expect a great degree of responsibility, influence and development opportunities if you choose to join our team. As we are a dynamic company, we can't tell you what your working day would be like. But we can assure you that your colleague will always be your wingman, that you can get advice on almost any sports injury during coffee breaks, and that holiday memories can be exchanged in the original language, no matter whether you went to Italy, France, Portugal or Germany.



Open positions

We wear boots as well as ties, and if both suits you too, you might be on your way to join our team.

We are hiring technically skilled people to identify the best spots for our parks, secure land rights, choose the right technology and ensure that environmental regulations are respected. We hire lawyers and financing experts who blend in with bankers and institutional investors and are able to ensure that our parks are attractive and competitive investment products. 

We have a lot of engineers, economists and legal experts on our payroll. But we are generally more interested in people than in academic titles. We are always interested in meeting people with good language skills and an international mindset.

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