Repowering: Lohkamp


Germany is one of European Energy’s most active markets. Our German project portfolio is populated by onshore wind projects, the first of which being European Energy’s inaugural project as a company; the Mildenburg wind farm in 2004. Over time, our knowledge and experience has grown with the addition of each project, as well as the size and volume of the projects themselves.

It almost goes without saying that the technological advances in the engineering of wind turbines have also improved, especially when it comes to their production capability. At times, the benefits provided as a result of the improved production figures from new turbines can be reason enough to fully repower an existing asset, even if the other surrounding conditions are less favourable.

This was the case with the Lohkamp wind park in Germany. The four original turbines at the site were erected in the early 2000s as part of a Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme. In early 2016, European Energy made the decision to go ahead and re-power the site with new 3MW Enercon turbines, despite the fact that the FiT did not expire until 2021. There was another tariff available for the repowered turbines, however the conditions were not as profitable as the original. But, the production figures from the new turbines were four times higher than the older turbines, showcasing the importance of the technological upgrade.

The new and improved Lohkamp site was energized in April 2018.

wittstedt rückbau 8.jpg