The largest wind farm: Rødby


Wind power has been a widely sought-after technology for renewable developers, especially in European countries, for the past two decades. The cost of onshore wind matches traditional sources in some areas of Europe in the mid-2000s. Prices have only continued to fall in recent years, therefore driving down the levelized cost, with a parallel increased rate of development. In fact, as of 2015 Denmark generates 40% of its electric power from wind.

In 2016, European Energy took on the most ambitious wind project to date at Rødby in Denmark. It was the largest wind park European Energy built that was wholly constructed at the one time, as opposed to in stages. The park consists of 11 turbines of 3.45MW capacity, and it contributes towards Lolland’s goal of producing enough renewable electricity to power its full consumption needs.

It was this collaborative element with the local community that qualified the Rødby wind farm as a real highlight amongst our previous projects. One of our focus points during the construction and development phase was establishing a clean line of communication with the neighboring property owners and local farmers. By taking into account public opinion, European Energy was able to commission the park with a positive mindset surrounding the development.

European Energy is proud to markedly contribute towards Denmark’s sustainability efforts. Denmark continues to have one of the highest rates of implementation of renewable energy and European Energy, through building new projects, is helping to ensure that this green footprint remains prominent on the world stage for years to come.