Going to Italy: Vitalba


Italy is one of European Energy’s most active markets. The adoption of renewable energy resources in Italy has developed rapidly over the past decade; a divergence from the country’s historical dependency on imported fuels. This forward thinking in addition to its generous incentive schemes has enabled the country to take its place at the forefront of attractive markets for developers.

European Energy made its debut into the Italian market in 2007 with the Vitalba Wind farm. We erected 7 850 KW turbines in a completely unfamiliar environment. That is not just in reference to the fact that it was a new country, with new partners and a new language, but also the physical landscape itself.  While Denmark is about as flat as a pancake, the Italian mountain ranges prove to be a more unforgiving climate for a construction site, as was the case with Vitalba.

As a company, this proved to be a time of great advancement in many facets of our business. One of the most prominent was undoubtedly the construction element. It was the first time our project teams were required to remove part of a rock formation to build a sound foundation to support turbines. Despite being thrown in the deep end, our team performed well and successfully brought the farm into operation.

Today, we are fortunate to have a dedicated team in-house to develop and oversee our Italian projects. Our portfolio continues to expand and we are in the process of building more solar and wind farms in Italy.